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To all those who called me stupid for trying to sell keys at 8 ref last year:

Ain’t lookin’ so stupid now, am I?

Time to go through my ugc/referenced folder and pull out all the sfm workshop content I just downloaded and move it to the sfm folder

why’s workshop gotta be messed up for me

and only me

I’m gonna throw the haitus card on the table and ask that someone remind me in a month’s time that this blog exists

Okay wow requests are backing up and I’m lazy

Sorry to everyone for making you wait! ( I get like one done per day D: )

A sniper with Professor specs, Bird man, black villians veil (skull style),and archlings? SMG Or Hunstman preferred. IDK if the request are free or not but I will pay if needed.
~ Anonymous

Invalid Request format, please check the request form and request again.

  • 2. Make sure to detail what you want, list in some sort of order: characters, class, outfits, map, poses. Please for the love of God don’t make me use my imagination.
  • Stay off Anon when you request